Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Adelson Juniors and Seniors Spearhead Charity Sneaker Drive Calling on all Sneaker Companies to Donate to Kids Under 18 this Holiday Season”

Creators of WAT (What are Those?), the app that uses your phone’s image recognition technology to revolutionize the footwear buying experience, are reaching out to shoe brands to donate sneakers to students this holiday season.

Co-sponsored by Adelson Educational Campus, the initiative aims to provide footwear to any student in need and, in particular, student-athletes who have been affected by the pandemic. With many student-athletes’ athletic careers and goals put on hold, footwear will help them to continue to train and thrive. 

Launch of WAT Gives Shoes for Student-Athletes

WAT is the brainchild of Adelson Educational Campus “Future Business Leaders” students Harrison Kay, Lorenzo Porcelli, and Jaden Enbysk. The app allows users to take a photo of any shoe they see in a store or on the street and be instantly connected with information about available colors, price, where to buy, and more.

Seeing the importance that footwear plays for themselves and their peers, the WAT team is spearheading the WAT Gives initiative to help even more students get the shoes they need. 

For many students, footwear can be transformative. High-performance athletic shoes may not only improve an athlete’s performance but also reduce their chance of injury.

As students across the country continue to feel the economic effects of the pandemic, many will be unable to access the athletic gear they need to participate in sports, training, and exercise.

Win Gear from WAT Gives

Are you a student-athlete? If so, you could win your own gear from WAT Gives! As part of the WAT Gives initiative, 2021Undergrad will be hosting a student-athlete essay program. We will be accepting essays in written and video form about what it means to be a student-athlete today. Tell us how the pandemic has affected you and your athletic goals for a chance to win. 

Winning essayists will receive athletic gear and have their essays featured on the 2021Undergrad website and across our social media to an audience of more than 400,000 of your fellow student-athletes.

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