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Hamilton College, Clinton, New York – Hamilton Shares in $2.7M National Science Foundation Grant for Fieldwork in Kenya

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Address: Clinton, New York

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What’s New? Hamilton undergraduate students have a rare opportunity to participate in important fieldwork that is typically reserved for graduate students. Students will explore important questions about climate, tectonics and the evolution of life..

Hamilton students, along with 5 other institutions will be exploring important questions in the fertile region of Kenya. The exploration is funded with a grant from the NSF and will give students the opportunity to work with top scientists.

“The goal is to understand how climate and tectonics shape the land surface, the environment, the climate, and the ecosystems and how that could have created the primates that became our ancestors,” said Assistant Professor of Geosciences Catherine Beck.

Learn more: NSF to Fund Student Fieldwork in Kenya

Hamilton College – Undergraduate 

Are you an independent thinker excited by the idea of having the freedom to explore areas of study that interest you? If so, Hamilton College could be an ideal fit for you. For more than two centuries this liberal arts college has created a flexible learning environment that allows motivated students to drive their own education. 

Open Curriculum

Hamilton is one of very few colleges in the U.S. with an open curriculum that allows students to devise their own educational plan. At Hamilton, you will work with your advisors to create a plan that is unique to your interests and goals. This means there are very few core requirements like there would be at other schools, leaving more time for you to focus on your chosen area of study. 

Benefits and Features of Open Curriculum 

Challenge Yourself: While Hamilton has few core requirements or classes that all students must take, their faculty do have high expectations. In an open curriculum, your talents, goals and interests are the driving force behind your education. Because you are choosing your own classes, your instructors will be encouraging you to challenge yourself and go well beyond the minimum.

Network with Like-Minded Peers: Unlike traditional curriculums, an open curriculum ensures you are learning with fellow students who are interested in the subject matter you have chosen. This can help you to network, make long-lasting social connections and be more inspired by those around you. 

Delve Deeper Into What You Care About: Hamilton focuses on having students structure their education around core concentrations pertaining to an understanding of structural and institutional hierarchies based on one or more of the social categories of race, class, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, age, and abilities/disabilities.

Work with an Advisor: Unlike larger colleges with traditional curriculum, Hamilton ensures you get personalized support from your student advisor. You will work with your advisor to create your own curriculum to ensure that while your curriculum is open, you are still making progress towards your goals and gaining competency. 

Other Key Features

  • Small Class Sizes: 36% of classes have 9 or fewer students. 78% have 19 or fewer.
  • Acceptance Rate: 18% of applicants were accepted to the Class of 2024.
  • Esteemed Faculty: 96% hold the highest degree in their field. 
  • Endowment Per Student: $546,931
  • Athletics: NCAA Division III

Diversity: Students hail from 47 states and 49 countries; 32% of the student body consists of U.S. students of color (25%) and international citizens (6.8%).

Is an Open Curriculum Right for You? 

Learn more about Hamilton’s admissions and requirements by visiting Hamilton College Application

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