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University of Nevada, Las Vegas – UNLV’s Dual Enrollment Program Allows Students to Complete High School while earning college credits for as low as $250 per Credit for In-State Applicants

Quick Contact: Michael Hack– Dual Enrollment Program Officer

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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone number: (702) 895-0442


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UNLV Executive Director of Admissions Kristine Shay discusses the opportunities of UNLV University Program on the Innovators show with Jane King and Andreea Porcelli, CEO and Founder of

UNLV Lee Business School Early College Program

Are you a Nevada high school student who wants to jumpstart your college experience? The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Early College Program helps you do just that. UNLV’s Dual Enrollment Program helps students to earn their high school diploma while also gaining college credit.

Benefits of Early College with UNLV

Early College with UNLV helps students to make the absolute most of their years of high school. For students who find the high school curriculum to be easy and not challenging, Dual Enrollment allows you to study topics you are interested in at a college level.

This is an ideal way for students to experience a college curriculum and prepare for their post-secondary education. Additional benefits include:

  • Fast-track your college-degree
  • Gain resume-building skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Experience campus life
  • Choose courses that interest you

Choose How and When you Learn

Early College students are eligible to learn both in-person and online for all available classes. This includes both daytime and evening classes. While most traditional high schools have regimented schedules, Early College allows students to have an active role in choosing the courses they take and when they take them. 

Who is Eligible?

Starting Freshman year of high school, students can begin applying for Dual Enrollment. There is no GPA requirement, however, for math and English courses an ACT or SAT score must be submitted.

It is also important to note that you should check with your high school to ensure that you are eligible to receive dual credit. Depending on your preferred area of study, there may also be other opportunities through individual departments at UNLV that are separate from Dual Enrollment.


Enrollment is open before both Fall and Spring semesters. Students should plan to apply at least two weeks before the start of the semester they wish to attend. Learn more about UNLV Dual Enrollment.

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