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University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona – Early Academic Outreach Program Empowers First Generation College Students

Quick Contact: Manny Leon – Assistant Director, Early Academic Outreach & MESA

Email: [email protected]

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Phone number: 520-626-2300


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University of Arizona Early Academic Outreach

The University of Arizona is helping to provide educational resources to often underserved members of the community with their Early Academic Outreach program. Low-income, minority, and first-generation college-bound students can choose from multiple programs that can enrich their academic career while also emphasizing important life skills and community improvement.

As students in this group often have multiple barriers to attending college, EAO seeks to guide and prepare students for a successful future in higher education. This includes everything from academic preparation to working with parents to foster an environment where college education is encouraged.

Benefits of EAO

Help Understanding Financial Aid: Each year thousands of dollars in financial aid goes unclaimed across the country.  Many students are simply not aware of the resources available to them or how to apply. EAO helps guide students to understand their financial options.

Working with Families: the role of family is important in determining if a student will continue on to college. EAO works to connect family members with college professionals who can answer questions and guide them to important resources. 

Exploring Career Opportunities: EAO gives students the opportunity to learn more about what interests and excites them. By allowing students the room to grow and discover themselves, the program helps to make the road to college clear and attainable.

Promotion of College-Going Culture: The family, friends, and community around a student can deeply affect their desire to go to college. EAO helps to get everyone informed and excited about college.

Choose Your Program

EAO offers several different programs focused on preparing students for college as well as encouraging them to take an active role in the community.  There are also educational programs and resources for parents and counselors,

Other highlights include a program that helps engage Native American students with science and engineering. There is also the MASCulinity initiative which helps male students to examine normative gender roles along with mentorships and guest speakers on modern masculinity. 

Learn More About EAO

Are you interested in EAO? To get started, visit Welcome to EAO.

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