Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Swiss Growth Forum by Andreea Porcelli is pleased to announce that its client company 2021Undergrad will be issuing the utility coin Unikoin as an integral part of its ecosystem and financing.

2021Undergrad – a pioneering and disruptive provider of online information services for prospective university students – announces that it is will issue Unikoin as a utility token to be used within the 2021Undergrad ecosystem.

“With Bitcoin back above $15,000 and the SEC’s announcement that it will permit 504 fundraising packages above $5.0m this looks to be an exciting time for newly issued utility tokens,” states senior investment analyst Chris Wickham who consults into Evergreen Research. He adds “this looks like a very exciting token for students, universities and investors alike.”

2021Undergrad’s token will be an ERC20 token which is tradable on an exchange, most likely in Switzerland to ensure international accessibility and liquidity.

The utility token will be usable by the following segments of the public:

  • University advertisers on the News Platform and “Innovation in Education” show. (with over 12 million viewers in California Nevada and Arizona) .
  • Students and parents accessing the Membership section of the 2021Undergrad website. (with over 400,000 potential users immediately)

Key financial developments look positive for 2021Undergrad.  In particular, the company expects to be cash flow positive by end-2020,

2021Undergrad looks to raise US$1.5m in equity at a pre-money valuation of US$5.0mwith potential for further exapnsion funding from Unikoin

SGF Evergreen Research – ‘ to issue Unikoin’

2021Undergrad is the only digital news and media platform that provides aggregated, compelling and timely information to parents and students considering their college and graduate school options.


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