Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Swiss Growth Forum by Andreea Porcelli announces that its client company 2021Undergrad is vigorously embracing Artificial Intelligence to match students’ needs with universities and courses more closely.

2021Undergrad – a pioneering and disruptive provider of online information services for prospective university students – announces that it is pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence to enable students to select exactly the right courses for their individual talents and specific needs.

“This looks to be a major move forward for 2021Undergrad and the impressive team behind the tertiary education project,” states senior investment analyst Chris Wickham who consults into Evergreen Research. “Artificial Intelligence stands to be a highly cost effective way for universities, faculties, specific courses and students to find a perfect match.  It’s a very exciting time for 2021Undergrad and its clients alike in my view.”

2021Undergrad today announces that it is incorporating an exclusive AI featureature into its News Platform, which will enhance the student experience considerably.  Precisely matching prospective students with courses and universities clearly delivers major advantages in terms of both overall happiness and results. 2021Undergrad’s use of AI should make that match more likely.

2021Undergrad is the first college news site to use specific data provided by the student to match them with the ideal programs in their field of interest, duration and cost budget. The student and college data will be matched using 2021Undergrad’s unique algorithmic approach to enhance speed of decision making and a near perfect match of university offering with student needs.

Furthermore, 2021Undergrad’s online feature will update users weekly on programmes which fit their profile. This will in turn make recommendations regarding alternative programmes that may be more cost effective or time-efficient for them.University advertisers will be paying for a premium package in order to access the AI – powered “Student Match ” Platform. Students will need to pay a membership fee of $19 per month in order to access it.

Key financial developments look positive for 2021Undergrad.  In particular, the company expects to be cash flow positive by 30th November 2020 and is on track to generate $0.75m in revenue by end-2020 with around $0.20m in profit.    2021Undergrad looks to raise US$1.5m at a pre-money valuation of US$5.0m

SGF Evergreen Reserach – ‘ Embraces AI’

2021Undergrad is the only digital news and media platform that provides aggregated, compelling and timely information to parents and students considering their college and graduate school options.


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