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Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana – Tulane University Sends an Average of 600 Students per Year to over 8 destinations

Quick Contact: Annie Gibson – Director of Study Abroad

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Address: New Orleans, Louisiana

Phone number: 504-862-3209


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Study Abroad with Tulane University

Tulane University is known for having some of the most well-traveled students both in terms of international students studying at the New Orleans campus and U.S. students who travel abroad.  With such a diverse student body, Tulane’s study abroad programs are designed to offer personalized experiences that can be chosen based on area of study, housing preferences, language of instruction and more.

Why Study Abroad with Tulane University?

Tulane’s commitment to giving students the unique and rewarding experience of studying abroad has ensured they offer an exceptional array of program options. Through the Office of Study Abroad (OSA), students can choose to study in Australia, Italy, Mexico, China and dozens of other exciting countries with one-of-a-kind cultural and educational experiences.

Students studying abroad will have access to the extensive information and resources offered by Tulane which the school has built throughout decades of helping students to realize their study abroad dreams. With these tools’ students are able to find study abroad opportunities that will most closely align with their educational, social and professional goals.

When choosing to study abroad, students will:

  • Gain insight into other cultures
  • Learn a new language
  • Access unique educational experiences
  • Discover international career opportunities
  • Build social and networking skills

Ways to Study Abroad with Tulane

Tulane further lets students personalize their study abroad experience with program options that include:

Direct Enrollment: Enrolling directly into a foreign university can be an exciting opportunity for students who are ready to take on a truly independent experience. With this type of study abroad, students will have an immersive experience as they live and study much the same way a local student would. These programs will also offer the greatest variety of courses of study.

Cohort/Island Enrollment: Students who enroll in a Cohort program will study in their country of choice but live in separate housing overseen by professionals dedicated to helping students studying abroad. While the areas of study may be more limited in a Cohort program, it can be considerably more accessible for students who are studying in a country where they do not speak the language and/or there are not many English speakers.

Hybrid Enrollment: Hybrid enrollment allows students to choose courses of study that are in both Cohort and Direct enrollment programs. This is a good option for students who are proficient in their host country’s language but would like the support of a Cohort program.

Who Qualifies for Study Abroad?

Qualifications for study abroad programs will vary depending on the program, host country and other factors. One consistent qualification is that students must be proficient in the host country’s language for both Direct Enrollment and Hybrid Enrollment. Similarly, students should be in good academic standing for all programs.

Learn More About Tulane University Study Abroad Programs

Tulane offers a wealth of resources for prospective students which include program details, eligibility requirements, financial aid and application guidelines. To get started on your study abroad experience with Tulane, visit Resources for Tulane Study Abroad Students

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