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New York University, New York City – NYU Offers Students over a dozen destinations worldwide to complete their Study Abroad experience

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New York University Study Abroad

NYU gives students the opportunity to explore the world and expand their learning with more than a dozen study abroad programs. Students can choose from culturally rich locations such as Berlin, Buenos Aires, London and even locations in the U.S. like Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

Who Qualifies?

Requirements across all programs will vary depending on your major and what year you are in. Each study abroad location has its own unique course offerings and opportunities. For example, a Washington D.C. study abroad focuses on developing leadership skills while Florence, Italy has more opportunities for students in the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, some programs are best taken during your Junior or Senior year.

Why Study Abroad with NYU

A study abroad program presents a challenging and enriching experience for students in the U.S. and for NYU students from their international campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. Each study abroad program at NYU is designed to give students hands-on learning and an immersive cultural experience. Program highlights include:

Abu Dhabi: In Abu Dhabi students will have the unique experience of studying with peers from around the world in small classes of only 12. State-of-the-art facilities for engineering, studio art, music production and more make this program beneficial for students across many majors.

Accra: Study alongside top students from West Africa in NYU’s Accra program. This study abroad opportunity is ideal for any student who wants to participate in community service and social entrepreneurship.

Berlin: Known as one of the best places for study abroad, NYU’s Berlin program is designed for students studying the humanities and social sciences. Earn credits towards these degrees while getting to know local culture and engaging in school-sponsored trips and events.

Los Angeles: Get exciting experience in diverse areas of the entertainment industry. This program gives NYU students the opportunity to explore Los Angeles’ famed music, television, movie and media industries. 

Washington D.C.: NYU’s D.C. Global Leadership Program focuses on inclusive and ethical leadership in all public and private positions. Engaging and immersive, the program is designed to foster self-awareness and better leadership in students.

Explore the Programs

Explore all of NYU’s study abroad opportunities.

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