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Bard College Berlin, Berlin, Germany – Do More with your Gap Year at Bard College Berlin

Quick Contact: Stephanie Hausotter– Head of Admissions

Email: [email protected]

Address: Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +49 30 43733 116


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Bard College Berlin, Do More With Your Gap Year

Use the year after graduation to explore the humanities in an exciting, international
setting. Bard College Berlin offers high school graduates the opportunity to learn about diverse subjects like film, literature, and politics while experiencing college life in Berlin.
With BB’s Academy Year, students attend first-year core curriculum classes and electives to grow their knowledge about the important events and works that inspired the humanity disciplines.
Those in the program attend classes alongside first-year BA students and are part of the school’s academic community. This includes access to the public lecture series and extracurricular clubs and societies.

Who Qualifies?

BB’s basic requirements are simple: a high school diploma and English proficiency. The program is a great opportunity for students to study abroad and experience college life before applying for admittance into BB or another school.

Why Take a Gap Year After High School?

Taking a gap year after high school can help you learn more about yourself and your true goals and interests. This can give you a headstart on knowing what you would like to major in if you are undecided and let you experience university life before choosing a college.
A gap year can also help you:

  • Hone life skills
  • Learn a new language
  • Experience a different culture
  • Meet new people and network
  • Gain experience that employers look for
  • Learn more about what you want in your college career

Why Choose Bard College Berlin for Your Gap Year?

Bard College Berlin is a college dedicated to individual growth and supporting students in developing essential critical thinking and writing skills. Students have the opportunity to explore modern intellectual and cultural history along with a diverse selection of elective courses in subjects such as theater, philosophy and studio arts. This philosophy of personal, individual growth is extended to their Academy Year program which also offers a wide range of electives.
With a program like BB’s Academy Year, international students get to explore their gap year in a city that is considered one of the best destinations for study abroad. Berlin is not only known for its diverse cultural attractions, exciting culinary scene and nightlife, it is also one of the more affordable European cities. All of this makes it an ideal place to learn more about what you are passionate about.
What about speaking German? Another advantage of Berlin for international students is that it is a popular destination for study abroad and exchange students. This means
there are plenty of resources to learn the language once you get here and many residents will speak some English.

Apply to Bard College Berlin Academy Year

Learn more about BB admission by visiting: Bard College Berlin Academy Year Admissions

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