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Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey – 2/3 of Princeton’s Current students are Receiving Needs-Based Financial Aid

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Princeton Undergrad Programs

Princeton is a name synonymous with exemplary educational standards, innovative research, and well-renowned instructors. Ranked #1 National University by U.S. News, Princeton’s undergraduate programs live up to the school’s reputation for excellence. Located on a 600 acre campus in a suburban setting, the school combines modern technology and amenities with the charm of its historic ivy-covered buildings.

Undergraduate Programs at Princeton

In addition to being ranked #1 National University overall, Princeton also ranked high for many individual undergraduate programs. Among its top rated programs were Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and others.  View the complete list of Princeton Undergraduate Degrees.

Why Choose Princeton

Princeton is among the nation’s oldest universities and is known for being prestigious, academically challenging and for providing unmatched support for students. With the combination of academic excellence and financial aid support, students are given the tools to achieve more during college and beyond.

Small Class Sizes: Princeton has one of the lowest student to teacher ratios with only 5 students to every instructor. 3 out of every 4 classes has 20 or fewer students.

Value: Princeton also ranked as a top school for value. While yearly tuition is $52,800 for the 2019-20 school year, two-thirds of students receive need-based grants. Contrary to popular belief, graduates of Ivy League schools often incur less student debt. As there are more financial aid opportunities and a greater, more closely knit support system, students are often able to have much of their tuition and housing paid for.

Engineering and Humanities: Princeton’s commitment to academic rigor extends to all subjects and majors. Unlike many other colleges, Princeton is strong in both engineering and the humanities. Students with an interest in diverse subjects will find this aspect especially rewarding.

Qualifying for Princeton Undergraduate Programs 

Princeton is a most selective school with only 6% of applicants accepted. Early acceptance rates are higher at 13.9%. It is, therefore, advisable that students submit their application and test scores as early as possible.

Learn more about Princeton’s admissions policies including testing requirements and important deadlines.

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